Inventory System automates the entry of customer orders and tracks their status. It includes the management of complex pricing agreements, inventory allocation procedures, reordering rules, multiple units of measures, product categories, support for delivery, receipt and returned goods processing. The system also gives more provisions such as periodic evaluation of stocks, serial number and bar-coding of products, allocation of pack numbers. Quality management, warehouse management, multi locations rack and row management support continuous improvement, tighter process control, increased audit ability and certification requirements.


View your Inventory Processing in just one screen

A bundled source to manage the entire warehouse and inventory related transactions. Get real time stock updates and alerts periodically to plan and meet the market demands swiftly. It provides a complete connectivity over product planning, development, sales, etc. Highly facilitates through increased supply chain visibility and accuracy for all the inward and outward processing moves.

Inventory Moves

Never miss a quantity update

The solution generally aims at automated inventory updates based on transit of goods, in and out of the warehouse. The process includes handling incoming shipments, internal moves and delivery orders respectively. Manage different kinds of products with various behavioural aspects such as Bill of Materials, Manufacturing, Stock able, Consumable, etc.

Inventory Valuation

Want to know the true value of your Inventory?

To maintain stability over the cost flow fluctuation, Inventory Valuation plays a major role. It defines the prices for the products and valuates the current inventory’s money value.

Physical Inventory

Update real-stock on the go at anytime

A well-defined physical inventory process is used to perform stock audits typically based on location and product. Use Inventory adjustments and match your physical inventory with the application


Anticipate Inventory needs and extend demands by early forecasting

Improve your inventory performance and supply chain. Gain the streaming updates throughout the integrated built with clear continuous data flow of analysis and reporting. Customize your labels and set up your own measures.

MRP (Replenishment)

Avoid stock-out with effective planning

Define your stock level by setting up the Min-Max rule based on period. Maintain the Inventory by cutting down the stock measures and retaining the right quantity.

FIFO (First In First Out)

Sell your goods before it expires


Tag and track your product movements

Gain control over the inventory cycle. Choose the right product through barcode validation and process every inward and outward movement accurately.


Make sense of your brand

Create your own package, assign pack number, generate barcode and track until shipment. Gain more visibility over the product movement even in transit.

Rack Management

Manage your warehouse

Rack based locations have a significant impact over the flow of materials and ease of retrieval during picking. Process all the stock movements through racks by specifying the source and destination rack references.