Management System (WMS)

Pinnacle Seven’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) helps organizations to control and manage the day-to-day warehouse operations from the time goods or materials enter a warehouse until they move out. Our WMS software guides inventory receiving and put-away, optimize pick, packing and shipping of orders and advises on inventory replenishment.


  • Receive Goods
  • Allocate Lot Numbers
  • Update Stock In


  • Make Picking list
  • List Mark Rack Numbers.
  • Place Stock In Racks
  • Update Internal Stock


  • Check Deliveries
  • Pick From Rack
  • FIFO (Included)
  • Update Stock Out


  • Manage Stock Receipts, Deliveries, And Internal Moves
  • To Ease Out On The Product Placement Strategies.
  • Excellent Tracking Of Stock By FIFO Methods.
  • Enhance The Productivity Standards Of The Warehouse Team.
  • Increase In Logistics Efficiency.


  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Unit Of Measure Conversion
  • Inventory Allocation Planning
  • Location Management
  • Lot & Serial Number Tracking
  • Cartonization Replenishment & Consolidation
  • Task Management & Monitoring
  • Reverse Order
  • Scalability To More Modules
  • P7S Upgrade Support
WMS Intelligence

Improve Performance and Process Time using P7’s Intelligence WMS

A very recent and most popular trend in WMS is
the use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) which is an
efficient way to transfer data and track items very quickly. RFID helps to improve performance and
process time.

  • To Perform The Operations To Enhance The Accuracy In The Stock Movement And Stock Update.
  • Tracking Through The Pieces Of Equipment Installed At Various Locations Of The Warehouse.
  • Each Stock Movement Will Be Detected Through The Antenna Installed At Various Parts Of The Warehouse.
  • Individual Alerts /Communication To Select The Right Product Within The Quick Turnaround Time.
  • Any Wrong Selection Will Provide An Alert To Look For The Exact Data That Match The Required Product/Quantity.
  • Update Stock Within Minutes Using The Antenna Signals.
  • Real-Time Update Into The Webserver.


  • Selective Read Zones
  • Direction Detection
  • Automatic Stock Placemen
  • Detection
  • Real-Time Stock Update
  • High Accuracy
  • Re-Ordering Plan
  • Traceability
Warehouse Auto Response Solution – RFID

RFID Tags are embedded in the cartons/pallets and RFID Antenna can read
them and update the stock movement to the management system
automatically. RFID Readers can be used to pick stocks.


Data Capturing
Stock update

Automatic update of incoming
stocks, internal moves,
and outbound stock information reduces a great amount of time and completely eliminates the
inaccuracy during the process


  • Do not have to be seen to read data
    This means that tracking products or people can happen from anywhere in a specified range which maximizes speed and efficiency

  • Rfid tags can store up to 100 times the data of barcodes
    Allowing you to keep track of all the data you need for your inventory such as lot and serial number, size, manufacturer, vendor, expiration date, user, location on production line and anything else you might want to know.

  • Readers can read up to 200 tags at once
    This will increase speed and productivity since employees will not need to physically scan each label.

  • The position of each tag is flexible
    (as long as they are not blocked by metal or water) since the tag doesn’t need to be physically seen by the reader.For example, you can place tags in boxes or within a pallet.

  • Rfid technology is functional inside and outside the warehouse.
    The technology has the capacity to withstand harsh environments and temperatures, even the tags!