Smart way to manage your purchases and expenses online

Starting from the supplies demand forecasting up to invoicing, the purchase module covers a list of extended activities like vendor management, bidding, quote creation, order processing and procurement processing. It also provides continuous references that help in making various purchase decisions.

Connect to your Vendors at any time

Manage huge numbers of vendor details effectively with just a few clicks. Identify the most likely suppliers using the vendor analysis and vendor grading features. Easily track your supplier’s performance based on different attributes like processed orders, monthly purchase, quality and more.

Purchase Budget
Control your expenditures

Define your budget based on periods. Limit your expenditure by a continuous planning approach. Have a persistent control over the purchase values through approval work flow.

Vendor Bills
Record your expenses and stay updated

Create vendor bills on a single click and maintain all your expenditures. Avail discounts, apply taxes to the products and determine the overall cost involved effectively. Roll over the invoices to vendors based on order quantities or received quantities anytime.

Purchase Bids
Grab the most valued deals through bids

Create tenders for product demands, issue tenders to multiple vendors, get the pricing and discount details, identify the best deal and make your offer

Vendor Pricelists
Manage Vendor pricing and avail great discounts

Set up the product based pricing with validity dates to avoid missing the availing discounts. The pricelists can also be utilized to choose the best deal by setting up the unit prices of the products with respect to the vendors.

Purchase Analysis
Real time updates with the distinct informative boards

Analyse your vendor, expenditures and procurements using the purchase analytics. Do a complete analysis through different analysis reports and define your own replenishment strategy to maintain the right amount of inventory, which is an automated solution. Improve your delivery lead time by early forecasting.