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We develop solutions to meet the unique requirements of your business and help you by modelling distribution networks, analyzing and prioritizing risks, analyzing freight contracts, or determining the right levels of inventory in the supply chain.We offer business applications that consolidate and automate the entire wholesale distribution process. It provides tools to help you manage sales ordering, pricing, shipping, sourcing, and billing. With the accessibility of accurate and real-time information, instances of concern can be identified before hand and addressed instantly.

We streamline the business operations so that all your information is in one secure location. A manufacturing ERP solution gives you everything you need to monitor production,increase manufacturing throughput, reduce inventory and streamline the order to cash process. With real-time information, your supply chain can make better informed business decisions more efficiently. The modules included in our system are CRM, Sales Management, Manufacturing Management, Purchase Management, Accounting, System and HRM.

Inventory System

Inventory System automates the entry of customer orders and tracks their status. It includes the management of complex pricing agreements, inventory allocation procedures, reordering rules, multiple units of measures, product categories, support for delivery, receipt and returned goods processing. The system also gives more provisions such as periodic evaluation of stocks, serial number and bar-coding of products, allocation of pack numbers. Quality management, warehouse management, multi locations rack and row management support continuous improvement, tighter process control, increased audit ability and certification requirements.


CRM manages leads, customer details, sales histories, order revisions and customer service and support. It also covers awide range of functionalities including: campaign, sales force automation, marketing automation and customer service automation

Sales Management

Sales Management strategy comprises of setting goals, providing sales support and training, creating or updating the sales strategy, and monitoring results. The sales process comprises of prospecting, qualifying, approach, presentation, addressing client concerns, closing the sale and follow up.

Accounting System

Accounting System manages the financial resources of the organization. This includes invoicing, periodic processing, financial reporting like P&L, budgeting, analytic accounting,collection of accounts receivables and risk management.

Purchase Management

Purchase Management refers to sourcing of goods and services from different suppliers. It allows you to manage suppliers, quotations, purchase orders, and incoming shipments. You can add suppliers to a product, specifying each supplier’s price & order quantity.


HRM manages the personnel-related tasks. It includes the following functionalities: employee management, attendance and timesheet managementbenefit management, payroll management, employee loan management, travel expense and claims.

Transitioning your business to mobile technology will equip you with accurate information, eliminate redundant data entryon delivery receipts, physical inventory checks, and retail evaluations by switching to custom retail mobile apps thatcan be filled out right on your iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. Our Mobile App equips management with activity planning, real-time visibility, and control over all retail execution activities performed in the field.