Human Resource

Human Resources

Manages your employees, recruitment’s related to job positioning, departments, leaves, time sheets, contracts, performance evaluation, employee expenses and payroll. most of these are integrated with project management and accounting.

Streamline your recruitment process

  • Set up your job board, manage job positions and the recruitment process effortlessly. It allows you to keep a track of jobs, vacancies, applications and interviews easily.
  • Use the kanban view and customise the steps of your recruitment process: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, etc.
  • Get accurate statistics of your recruitment pipeline.

Recruit the best employee for the post

  • Manage job positions based on departments. Set objectives in terms of recruitment for your job positions.
  • Add job descriptions and requirements. Set the HR manager as responsible.
  • Manage the recruitment stage process for interviews. Evaluate the stage by stage process of the applicants.
  • Schedule meetings with the applicants. Invite other people for the interview process to hire candidates.

Post the job vacancies on your website

  • Put up the available positions on the website. Give brief descriptions of the roles and responsibilities.
  • Process the applications received through the website. Recruit the perfect applicant for the post.

Manage your employees

Employee Directory

It records your employee details, manage their personal and public information that can be viewed by the company.

Public information

  • Contact information – working address, work mobile and office location. positions- departments, job title, manager, coach.
  • Set up a department, assign a manager and associate the employee.
  • Link the employee to the related user. Add employee tags.

Personal information

  • Citizenship and other information – Nationality, Identification Number, Passport Number, Bank Account Number, Other Id, Home Address, Gender, Marital Status, Number of Children, Date of Birth, Place of Birth.

Leave Management

Manage employee vacations and absence

  • Keep a track of the leaves taken by each employee. Employees enter their requests and the managers approve and validate them, all in just a few clicks.
  • Scheduling of the distribution of tasks during the absence of any employee is updated accordingly.
  • Managers get a complete view of the whole team’s leaves and this helps keep the team well-organised. Forecasts the distribution of tasks during the absence of any member smoothly.

Manage Leave Allocations

  • Allocation request for annual legal leaves for all employees by switching the allocation mode to, by employee tag or by individual employee.
  • Approval of allocation. Request leaves based on types: sick, casual etc., Analyse allocation in Leaves Summary.
  • Analyse the leaves of employees through Leaves Analysis.

Time sheets

Allows you to easily monitor the work of your employees daily by enabling them to record their time sheets.

Manage your Employee Working Time

  • Employees, encode the weekly working time by analytic account to follow the time spent per project/activity.
  • Submission of the time sheet for validation.
  • Track the team progress of each project by the hours spent.
  • Get an overview of the billable time, keep it profitable.

Manage your Expenses

  • Managing your employees’ daily expenses has become a lot easier. If its travel expenses, office supplies or any other employee expenditure you can access all the receipts and expense submissions from your expenses dashboard.
  • Create, validate or refuse them in just a click. You don’t have to use another software to maintain expense records – everything can be done directly through this app.

Reimburse your Employee’s Expenses

  • Tick manage employee’s expenses by creating some expense categories.
  • As an employee, encode and submit to Manager some expenses for a business trip (e.g. restaurant, hotel, transport, etc.)
  • Validation of expenses.
  • Reimbursement process done by generating accounting entries that are linked to the expenses.
  • Employees can easily attach copies of their receipts directly to an expense record to avoid losing them. Add attachments on the go with any mobile device by taking a picture of the receipt and sending it to a designated email address.
  • Save time and increase efficiency by keeping a complete record of all the expenses.
  • Manage the expense reports.

Manage your Performance Evaluation

The performance evaluation allows you to continuously monitor your employee performance and set up periodic evaluations of the employees.

Attribute Appraisal Plan

  • Design form-based questionnaires to collect feedback from everyone in the company.
  • Design your own questionnaire templates.
  • Automate the evaluation process and allow the managers to review the content and finalise the evaluation.
  • Validate the appraisal, enter appreciation and comments.

Periodically Assess your Employee Performance

  • Regularly assess your human resources to bring benefits to your employees and the organisation.
  • Set up your evaluation process and calendar.

Manage your Employee Payroll

  • Manage your employees pay slip with a powerful payroll engine, which has easy customisation rules based on specific needs.
  • Support data like changes in contracts of employees.
  • Manage registers of employees.

Categorising Salary Rules

  • Effective managing of salary rules based on Basic, Allowance, Deduction, Gross, Net, Company Contribution, etc. which is essential to categorise your Salary Rule.

Salary Rule

  • Compute data like allowances, deductions, net, taxes, contribution registers, etc.
  • Define salary rules by using the expression.
  • Expression depends on the requirement. Amount Type can be Fixed Amount, Percentage & Python Code.

Salary Structure

  • Manage salary structure based on the category and rules.
  • Collection of a set of some rules which can be used for computing the payslip.


  • Contracts are managed and it’s required to compute the salary slip of an employee.
  • Linked with employee that contains key information like Basic(Wage), Salary Structure, Scheduled Pay(monthly/weekly), Working Schedule etc.


  • Compute a single or batch of payslips for employees in a month.
  • Employee information from the related contract is automatically fetched in payslip with all the necessary details.

Exit Interview

  • Handles the employee exit process, when an employee leaves the organisation.
  • Triggers exit requests.
  • Open request, with a mail to the employee and the management.
  • Employee Exit Checklists for exit and suggestions.
  • Various stages of process.
  • Closure of exit interview.

Wide Range of Report Analysis:

  • Recruitment Analysis
  • Expense Analysis
  • Appraisal Analysis
  • Attendance Analysis
  • Time sheet Analysis
  • Leave Analysis
  • Payslip Analysis
  • Dashboards on Home page to provide at-a-glance views of KPIs (key performance indicators)