Sales Dashboard

Know the progress of your business with a comparative study at a glimpse.

Order Management

Order Management is automated and simplified

Highlighted features of Order Management

Have an Approval process for your quotations?

  • Our custom solutions will let you to receive notifications when your approvals are pending.
  • Review and do mass approvals through the dashboard.
  • History of each approval will be captured automatically.

Allow your customers to access the portal through our Portal Integration where the customers can:

  • Review the quotations sent to them.
  • Validate the quotation to proceed with sales.
  • Request for revision with customer’s comments (i.e. negotiate price, etc.)
  • Insert their e Signature for confirming the quote

Customers can also accept or request for revision from their mailbox without navigation. We can manage different types of taxes or predefined each product with its default tax. Maintain different terms & conditions or predefined each product with its default terms & conditions. Manage multiple Templates of quotation for different customers. Extract reports in PDF/ Excel or directly print the reports. Analyse your sales based on products and customers like fast moving products, maximum revenue earned based on customers, etc.

Support and Services

Satisfy your customers with prompt support on time

Highlighted features of Support Management:

  • Create tickets on a click quickly.
  • Setup pre-defined SLA’sto enhance your support system.
  • Manage multiple issues of the same category.
  • Differentiate and tag the issues and requests separately.
  • Update the progress of the ticket to your customer automatically.
  • Send mail notifications to customers when their tickets are created with details of the ticket.

Highlighted features of Support Management:

  • Using our Email Integration with tickets system, auto-generate ticket forms into the application when any issue mails are sent to a particular support email id.
  • Send feedback forms automatically to each customer upon closure of the tickets.
  • Capture the feedback from the customer’s mailbox to the application.
  • Customers can leave their feedback in the mailbox which will synchronise with the application.
  • Setup a Customer Relationship Manager to address grievances.
  • Send mails directly to the customer through the application.
  • Analyse your support issues and do a comparative study between months/weeks/years.


Running out of time to present the statistics of your company??? Click and download all you need in seconds for your presentation

Highlighted features of Reporting:

  • Accurate analysis of your sales process.
  • Acquire comprehensive insights to take crucial business decisions.
  • Custom made analysis to serve each member’s unique requirement with reports.
  • Download tables with graphs in just a click.
  • Navigate from graphs to records for reviews.
  • Use advance search to pull out any information from the application.

Mobile App for Sales

Don’t have time to access your laptop to update your Sales/Projects? Don’t worry, we have a replacement for this to work smarter

  • Our smart mobile apps are well integrated with the web application.
  • Spontaneous updates between web and mobile applications will give you prompt results.
  • Manage your sales through our mobile apps where ever you are.
  • Through list view, add quick comments into your Sales.
  • All new releases will be notified within the app and you can update as per your preference.
  • Reporting is also available in mobile apps, so the review of sales is much easier now.