Hello World

Whether you are setting up a new theme, ameliorating particular elements to improve the site’s functionality, or adding new features on your WordPress website, plugins can do almost everything for you at a gallop, from small tweaks to massive changes, thus saving tremendous amounts of time and effort.

When you are crafting WordPress themes or tweaking your existing website to add a new functionality, dummy data is always needed to see how elements (like a paragraph, headings, images, links, and more) take shape when your website is ready, ensuring each element is working as expected.

Also, you will always need a decent amount of content to fill up the empty space of your WordPress template to showcase a demo of your work.

Developing content is another real pain in the neck. But you can alleviate this tedious journey of content creation with the methods we have compiled in this article. And you will be able to produce like blazes.

In other words, by installing these plugins, you will be able to test your codes without writing a ton of posts and comments, these plugins will do the same for you by creating a dummy text.

Why do you need it?

  • You have developed a new website on WordPress but it does not have enough content.
  • You will be checking your newly crafted WordPress theme with full content before making it live.
  • You develop themes for WordPress users, thus requiring various kinds of contents to use on the demo version of the theme.