• Sales Management
  • CRM
  • Purchase Management
  • Inventory System
  • Accounting System
  • HRM


The manufacturing and distribution industry is characterised by global connectivity and complexity. Even smaller organisations must navigate suppliers, logistics and regulations from different parts of the world.

By integrating the processes, all the information is accessible in a centralised location with complete visibility in all functionalities – development, designing, inventory, procurement, production, finance, sales, delivery and more.

It manages all business operations between suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers and customers to improve work efficiency and profitability.


A manufacturing ERP solution gives you everything you need to monitor production, increase manufacturing throughput, reduce inventory and streamline the order to cash process.

With real-time information, your supply chain can make better informed business decisions more efficiently.

The modules included in our system are CRM, Sales Management, Manufacturing Management, Purchase Management, Accounting, System and HRM.


Manufacturing Management

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Manufacturing Management supports most of the manufacturing processes including planning,Bill of Material (BOM), routing, work centers, product configurator, Make to Stock, Repetitive,Batch, Make to Order, Assemble to Order, Configure to Order…

Sales Management

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Customer relationship management

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Purchase Management

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Inventory System

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Accounting System

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Human Resource Management

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Our Case Study

Transitioning your business to mobile technology will equip you with accurate information, eliminate redundant data entryon delivery receipts, physical inventory checks, and retail evaluations by switching to custom retail mobile apps thatcan be filled out right on your iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. Our Mobile App equips management with activity planning, real-time visibility, and control over all retail execution activities performed in the field.

Location: Pontianak, Indonesia

Business Predicament:
Required applications to

  • manufacturing_section_6_list
  • Pick up and pack orders by generating bar codes and box numbers
  • Transfer stock between internal locations
  • Keep track of delivery status
  • Invoice multiple payments and keep records
  • Handle return of products

Solution Implemented:

  • Automated Business Process –
    From the confirmation of sale order and the creation of delivery order to packing and delivery of the product
  • Efficient Warehouse Management
    Ability to track orders from the creation of delivery order and pick up from the warehouse to confirmation of delivery to the customer
  • Streamlined Process for handling returns
    Reason for return is recorded and the product is screened for defects. Then a replacement is given or the product is repaired and sent back to the customer
  • Accounting Accuracy
    Options to record every transaction made, create multiple invoices, summaries and track the status of invoices of different customers